November 2023
MHRA licence will enable global reach of ViroCell’s viral vectors for cell and gene therapy clinical trials. ViroCell’s manufacturing operations are housed within Great Ormond Street Hospital’s state-of-the-art GMP accredited unit for manufacturing cell and gene therapies, the Zayed Centre for Research.  
January 2023
They have now achieved a much better handle on the logistics and issues around the best ways to monitor the Northern Rockhopper population in the Tristan archipelago. Surveying trips to the colonies on Tristan involved local people, as well as the island administrator on one occasion.  Gaining more support from the community for this species is an important component of this project.
January 2023
Campaigners who opposed plans for a huge solar farm on farmland in East Devon were celebrating an early Christmas present after planners rejected the scheme. Please read full article on DevonLive.
February 2022
A new “factory” that will produce benign viruses for Great Ormond Street Hospital is expected to accelerate the development of life-saving gene therapy drugs.
January 2022
The Truell Conservation Foundation has supported the Galápagos Islands via the Charles Darwin Trust where Edi Truell is a board member and the Galapagos Conservation Trust; and has donated more than £1 million to the protection of this beautiful part of the world.   
July 2021
Source: The Wild Wheelchairs Project  
June 2021
Source: The Biomedical Scientist
bubble cell image
April 2021
The Truell Conservation Foundation is proud to support ViroCell Biologics. An innovation-driven Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) that manufactures viral vectors and gene-modified cells to enable novel cell and gene therapies to enter clinical trials.
November 2020
The Truell Conservation Foundation is proud to support Robert Wilson as he takes part in Combat Stress’ Race to Remember.