February 2022
A new “factory” that will produce benign viruses for Great Ormond Street Hospital is expected to accelerate the development of life-saving gene therapy drugs.
January 2022
The Truell Conservation Foundation has supported the Galápagos Islands via the Charles Darwin Trust where Edi Truell is a board member and the Galapagos Conservation Trust; and has donated more than £1 million to the protection of this beautiful part of the world.   
July 2021
Source: The Wild Wheelchairs Project  
June 2021
Source: The Biomedical Scientist
bubble cell image
April 2021
The Truell Conservation Foundation is proud to support ViroCell Biologics. An innovation-driven Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) that manufactures viral vectors and gene-modified cells to enable novel cell and gene therapies to enter clinical trials.
November 2020
The Truell Conservation Foundation is proud to support Robert Wilson as he takes part in Combat Stress’ Race to Remember.  
November 2020
TCF is committed to being Net Positive.
November 2020
February 2020
Established in 2010, WWTW supports a pathway for vulnerable veterans to reintegrate into society and sustain their independence. The charity supports those who are physically, mentally or socially disadvantaged by their service. Future employment is at the heart of this and provides a sustainable future for them and their families.’