Conservation of precious ecosystems

To ensure the survival of precious ecosystems, inhabited by a local population and with a tourist industry, environmental protection must be coupled with human opportunities.

The Truell Conservation Foundation is predominantly focused on the conservation of precious ecosystems around the world. Our major areas of support include the United Kingdom and the Galapagos Islands, where the charity won an award in 2011 for ‘Oustanding Support to Sustainable Development’ in the islands where our contributions have surpassed £1 million. Our efforts are channeled through a combination of direct scientific project support, and developing sustainable initiatives to reduce the impact humans have on such areas. Furthermore, Edmund Truell, Trustee of the Truell Conservation Foundation, is on the Board of the Charles Darwin Foundation where he provides strategic guidance to the organization.

Other recent projects include:

  1. Penguin and Cormorant Monitoring, The Charles Darwin Foundation, Galapagos Islands. Total commitment £100,000
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  2. Habitat Restoration, Cross River Gorillas, Fauna and Flora International, Cameroon. Total commitment £33,000
  3. Support to Devon Wildlife Trust for the controlled introduction of beavers to manage waterways and prevent flooding. The project proved an enormous success and they are looking to replicate the use of beavers in water management in other areas across South West England. Total commitment £12,000.