TCF Funds a Major Study to Protect Gentoo Penguins

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

“Forget the ‘Internet of Things’.  The Truell Conservation Foundation is moving onto the Internet of Penguins!”
TCF has donated £35,000 to fund a major study by the RSPB into the effect on gentoo penguins of krill fishing off South Georgia.  The bulk of the donation will go towards buying 12 satellite tracking devices which will be fitted to a dozen gentoo by scientists from the British Antarctic Survey. 
Once fitted, for the next 150 days the whereabouts of the gentoo will be seen when swimming and feeding.  This and other data will allow the RSPB to put forward the necessary scientific evidence to protect gentoo penguins through the upcoming South Georgia & the South Sandwich Islands marine protection review.
Edmund Truell said, “We are delighted to be working with two such distinguished bodies as the RSPB and the British Antarctic Survey in this study.  We are very keen to support the penguins in the amazing South Georgia colonies and also to prove what the effect of industrial krill fishing has on the birds.”
Jonathan Hall, RSPB Head of UK Overseas Territories commented “The UK is the world’s number one penguin nation with more birds under our jurisdiction than any other country on earth. Discovering where these amazing birds go while at sea and protecting these places is key to their future. This generous donation from the Truell Conservation Foundation will help us do this around the South Atlantic island of South Georgia.”