Expansion of the Galapagos Marine Reserve

Monday, 31 January 2022
The Truell Conservation Foundation has supported the Galápagos Islands via the Charles Darwin Trust where Edi Truell is a board member and the Galapagos Conservation Trust; and has donated more than £1 million to the protection of this beautiful part of the world. 
As such we are delighted with the announcement following COP26 of the expansion of the Galapagos Marine Reserve.  The President of Ecuador, Guillermo Lass was in the Galapagos islands to sign the official decree for the new protected marine reserve on 14th January 2022.
’The new marine reserve, called the Hermandad Reserve, will add 60,000km2 to an existing 138,000km2    , including a 30,000km2 no fishing zone on the Galapagos-Cocos Swimway route and a 30,000km2 no longline fishing zone northwest of the current Galapagos Marine Reserve boundary.